Advanced Level Training for Elite Professionals

Specialised, advanced tactical close quarter combat training for those in

  • Law Enforcement (SAPS)

  • CPO's & VIP Protection

  • Private Military Contractors

  • Police Reservists

  • Armed Security Personnel

  • Unarmed Security Personnel

The course is offered at three levels: 

One-day Intensive Course - Beginner Level I

Three-day Intensive Course - Beginner Level II

 One Week Intensive Course - Intermediate Level I

During the hours of intensive focus and strenuous, demanding training, delegates will be exposed to technical, tactical, mental and physical preparation in military hand-to-hand armed and unarmed combat.  This includes striking and kicking combos, choking and clinching defenses, takedowns and take-down defenses, handgun and rifle disarms from various postures with the weapon presented at a variety of angles; knife, panga, axe and meat cleaver defenses, disarms and transitions;  advanced combat skills using edged weapons;  combat skills with improvised weapons;  primary and secondary weapon transitions; ground fighting and handcuffing; multiple attacker scenarios; fighting when injured;  fighting in low light or in the dark; escaping or dealing with hostage situations; combat-related first aid.

Ultimately our delegates put their skills to the test during a practical exercise where they are required to react to contact when entering and clearing building, defending themselves, and disarming and capturing assailants.


The course exposes weaknesses so that we can address these before lives are on the line.

This course aims to elevate trainees to high levels of proficiency within the shortest amount of time, with the goal being the education of the complete combatant.   

Delegates are required to demonstrate high levels of controlled aggression, perseverance, courage and determination.  They will be placed under pressure and required to demonstrate a calm level-headed approach, capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events able to fulfill demanding and dangerous tasks, while maintaining high levels of physical and mental resistance and stamina.

This course has been compiled by Ivana Ries.   She is a highly trained, Israeli Krav Maga Close Quarter Combat Black Belt and is a fully accredited, licensed Close Combat Krav Maga Instructor under EDA International.


She teaches both nationally and internationally, with a focus on the provision of customised training for military personnel, law enforcement, VIP Protection (CPO), correctional services, etc.

With years of experience in elite high performance training Ivana is deeply passionate about imparting her knowledge and empowering, enabling and equipping others through Krav Maga. 

Her cross-training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Doce  Pares, Eskrima, Kali, Kickboxing and Firearms enables Ivana to offer students a wide range of techniques and perspectives based on her knowledge and experience.


Ivana believes that, along with physical training, forging excellence of character is equally central – the development of soldiers, officers, men and women of valour, courage, honour, integrity, selfless service, strength, faithfulness, accountability, diligence, personal restraint, relentless perseverance, discipline, duty, leadership, resilience, a humble and teachable spirit and a mind-set of continual life-long learning.  

Specialised training is also available for the unique requirements and challenges faced by:


  • EMS Personnel

  • Firefighters

  • Aviation - Air Travel Personnel

  • Maritime - Sea Travel Personnel

  • Community Policing Forums

Detailed course information available on application.

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