Corporate Self-Defence and Personal Safety for Men and Women

As much as “traditional” first responders, such as our South African Police Service,  security guards, armed response companies and paramedics aim to provide help as quickly as possible, the reality is that they may arrive too late.


It is essential to never lose sight of the fact that we are our own first responders and we must be active participants in our own self-defense and safety.


Ultimately the knowledge and skills gained from this corporate workshop could save a life - a truly meaningful and powerful way to equip your colleagues and staff!

Krav Maga Corporate Self-Defence and Safety Workshops are offered on site at your company premises.  Group size may vary from as little as 4 participants in a group up to groups of 50 and more.    


We offer affordable solutions for every training requirement from the large corporation through to the  small family business.  

The tangible benefits to participants remains with them long after the workshop is over, equipping them with:

  • increased situational awareness.

  • an understanding of the wisdom of de-escalation and escape where possible.

  • the ability to apply simple, but devastatingly effective and powerful techniques to swiftly neutralise an attacker when escape is no longer an option.

  • an overall sense of empowerment and confidence that comes with the ability to defend oneself - living life on your terms.  This spills over positively at so many levels.

  • greater peace of mind for staff who are working and/or traveling to and from work late at night or in the early hours of the morning.


The workshop, which runs over two hours, includes an initial demonstration of Krav Maga in action in a number of realistic scenarios.  The practical component of the workshop is highly interactive and an enormous amount of fun for trainees.  A range of self-defence techniques are carefully and systematically taught to participants, who remain active throughout the workshop.


General street survival tactics are also discussed including:

  • Awareness levels - Colour Coding

  • Watching the walls (The "What if...?" scenario)

  • Detecting pre-attack indicators

  • Burner phones

  • Improvised weapons

  • Bag carry

  • Force multipliers


As you can imagine, there are literally hundreds of attack scenarios and equally hundreds of different responses.  We do not wish to overload participants with an overwhelming amount of information.  The goal is to equip everyone with techniques that are simple and easy to remember within the time constraints of a two-hour workshop.


Costs of a two-hour workshop, if held at your premises, vary according to the number of participants on a reducing sliding scale.


We strongly believe in the importance of reinforcing the techniques taught on the workshop, as this is a perishable skill that requires practice.  For responses in life-threatening situations to become completely automatic, repetition is needed.  We therefore offer a follow up 1 hour refresher class held at monthly intervals (with as many re-enforcement sessions as you would like.)



If the workshop is not held at your premises, and venue hire becomes necessary, then costs will alter accordingly to include rental of facilities.  Usually venue hire is unnecessary as a workshop can be held in almost any location, including a grassy area, a boardroom or even an underground parking garage (which makes for realistic training!)  Ideally each participant will need approximately two square meters of floor area in order to train effectively.


From small groups to large scale training Ivana has had the

privilege of working with organisations such as


South African Police Service (SAPS)

BP (Southern Africa)


LIFE (Employee Health Solutions)

Young Presidents Organisation (YPO Gold)

SDS Protection

A&E Networks

Gibs Business School

KHL Inc.


Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre

Crime and Investigation Channel

Mowana Spa

Cedar View Security

Lonehill Residents Association

Basadi Hatella Pele Projects

Chartwell College

Heronbridge College

Saint Stithians College

aSTEAM Education Centre

Sandton Hearing & Balance

Masiwela Management





Ivana Ries has had the privilege of working with numerous organisations, corporates and schools, some of which are listed below.

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