Beginner's Course

An adult beginner level course introducing you to the basics of Krav Maga.  Learn the defences to the most common street attacks in South Africa.


Includes hand-to-hand combat, weapon disarms, weapon vs weapon,  and ground combatives,  multiple attackers.

Duration and Classes

3 Month Course

Next intake: October 2019

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R1500 payable as three instalments of R500 each.


Three steps:

  1. Complete Registration Form

  2. Complete Indemnity Form

  3. Pay deposit of R500.00 on receipt of invoice.

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Entrance Requirements

This Beginner Level Training is designed for adults of all ages and all fitness levels, including high school students.  


You are never too old to start! And you don't need any prior experience! 


You don't need to be fit either.  However, your fitness levels will automatically increase as you train. 


If you have a pre-existing injury or medical condition, we simply work around this.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable gym clothes and takkies/sneakers.

On Mondays and Wednesdays we train in Lonehill and wear takkies/cross-trainers. However, on Thursdays, in Bryanston, we train on Jiu Jitsu mats and go barefoot.  It is wiser to wear slip-slops.


You will need to purchase a club uniform (EDA T-Shirt and Ranking Belt - approx R300)  You will also require  a mouth-guard. 

Beyond Beginner Level

Once you have completed the three month Beginners Course, and mastered the basics you are in a good position to progress to more advanced levels.  

To become a highly skilled Krav Maga practitioner takes time and consistent practice.  Krav Maga is a lifestyle.

At advanced level, the practitioner is no longer reliant on set movements or patterns, but reacts spontaneously and intuitively in an infinite number of ways.

Progression Levels

Once you have completed your Beginner Level Course, you

can start preparation for your first official EDA International Belt Grading.  (Belt levels as follows: 

Belt levels and recommended time frames.



  • White Belt  (6 months)

  • Yellow Belt  (6 months)

  • Orange Belt  (6 months)


  • Green Belt  (8 months)

  • Blue Belt  (12 months)


  • Brown Belt I  (12 months)

  • Brown Belt II  (12 months)


Black Belt  (by invitation only)

Instructor Level

  • Ivana Ries - Close Quarter Combat
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