Krav Maga: Adult Beginner Course Fees



Full Course Fee is R1500 over the three months.

Payable in 3 installments of R500.00

Deposit of R500 secures your place on the course.

Excludes cost of T-Shirt and Ranking Belt:  Approx R300

Junior Krav Maga Fees




Payable per term - R1280

3 terms per year

Fees are payable on the first lesson of every term.

EFT or cash

Krav Maga :  Ongoing regular training



These fees apply to all levels beyond Beginner Stage. 


Fees are payable in advance by the first lesson of every month.

EFT or cash.

Short Workshops


10 participants: R450/person

15 participants: R400/person

20 participants: R350/person

Fees for larger groups available on application. 

Minimum group size for a workshop is 10 participants.

Firearms Training




These fees apply to each of the following classes: 

Beginner Level Class as well as the Drills and Skills Class. 


Fees are payable in advance by the first lesson of every month.

If you do not have your own firearm, you can hire one.  Fees exclude firearm hire, ammo and range fees.  (These are settled directly with the range)

Dainfern Krav Maga




Classes take place from

11.00am - 12.00pm on Tuesday mornings in Dainfern.




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