Passionate about people, STORM COMBAT is a professional, reputable self-defence and personal safety training organisation.  For many years, Ivana Ries, (Chief Instructor) has provided workshops, seminars and courses to many of South Africa's leading companies.  Beyond providing training in practical self-defence, STORM COMBAT is about bringing out the best in people!  Our personal defence training not only enhances self-confidence, but trains warrior-like focus, persistence, determination, vision,


Our offering includes:P

  • Personal Safety and Self-defence Workshops

  • Anti-hijack Courses

  • Women's Safety Workshops

  • The Way of the Warrior

  • Executive Safety Programs

  • Wellness Days

  • Team-building Events

  • Themed Client Events

  • Women's Empowerment

  • Small Private Group Executive Self-Defence

  • Motivational Seminars

Our team-building events not only teach incredible self-defence skills in an environment of enormous fun and excitement but also provide a unique experience that powerfully enhances team cohesion, trust and communication.

If your company has a wellness program we offer user-friendly personal safety and self-defence workshops and courses that can easily be integrated into your offering.

Our workshops are safe and professionally taught by  certified instructors and practitioners with a high level of expertise and experience.

They are interactive, empowering and immensely enjoyable, while equipping participants with skills that not only enhance their personal safety but also greater confidence, better decision-making and the ability to resolve conflict in the workplace more easily and effectively.

People are our greatest asset in any company.  Looking after their well-being and safety is critical.   Staff who leave work late at night or arrive very early in the morning are particularly at risk.  Whether they are negotiating an empty office building, having worked overtime at night,  walking through a deserted underground parking garage to their vehicle, using public transport and leaving or arriving home in the dark, Krav Maga can provide them with life-saving skills to keep them safe in the event of a violent encounter, mugging or attack.```

From  large corporations involving thousands of staff members, through to small groups of only four or five participants, EDA Lonehill has a solution to meet your unique requirements.

To find out more about our safety and self-defence workshops please contact us today and discover just how powerfully  our workshops and courses can add value to your employees, your executives and your company.




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