Anti-Hijack Course

Two hours of highly practical training that reduces panic and produces a quick, knowledgeable and calm response in the event of hijacking,  


The knowledge and skills gained could save your life and the lives of loved ones, including children.   Hands-on training includes role play under extreme pressure at gun point from multiples angles.

Naturally, the best defence is to not be hijacked in the first place!  Detecting and avoiding a potential hijacking before it happens requires recognition of a number of factors.  These can be identified with correct training. 

If you do fall victim to a hijacking, how do you respond to increase your chances of your survival and that of your passengers?

Some of the topics you will cover include

  • Likelihood of Hijacking (Day/Time/Location)

  • Modus Operandi of typical hijackers

  • Basic Driving Rules

  • Decoy Recognition

  • Fake Police

  • Crimes of Opportunity

  • Walking to your Car

  • Driving at Night

  • Situational Awareness

  • Being Followed

  • Your Home is a Hijacking Hotspot!

  • Shopping Centres are a Hijacking Hotspot!

  • Compliance/Keeping Your Attacker Calm

  • Threat to Children 

  • The Hijack Situation

  • Children in a Hijack Situation

  • Negotiating Tools

Cost:    R650/person

Location:  Fourways

Bookings by telephonic or email arrangement.

083 735 0303

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