About Ivana Ries - Instructor


Ivana is a full time, professional Close Quarter (Hand-to-Hand) Combat Instructor, Advanced Tactical Firearms Instructor, Bladed and Edged Weapons Instructor, Israeli Krav Maga Instructor and Black Belt.


She specialises in teaching advanced close quarter combat to members of special police units, law enforcement, private military contractors, VIP/close protection officers/Bodyguards, armed and unarmed security personnel, members of Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Responders.  She herself is a member of a team of responders in the Fourways area. She works with anti-human trafficking.  In the evenings she trains civilians from all walks of life at the Lonehill and Bryanston Dojos.  


As an Advanced Tactical Firearms Instructor, she offers training at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Level. 


Ivana has a background in Classical Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Eskrima, Kali and Silat.  She has been privileged to train alongside professional EFC, WBO and IBO champions and remains a life-long student. 


Living by the motto:  Who Dares to Teach Must Never Cease to Learn, Ivana continues her own personal training regimen and is constantly expanding her own knowledge. 


She is passionate about teaching and elevating her many students to their highest possible level of proficiency, understanding, refinement and mastery. 

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  • About Ivana Ries